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After two years she ran out of money and tearfully returned home to work in a Polish grocery store, "slicing meat and smelling like a big Polish link." "I've got to get out of here," she thought. "There's no way you will ever model," said one rep. "Although from the girls I got the same vibes as guys."Understand that the reason most people are here is that it is fun."You look like you work in a bar." Dejected, Mc Carthy started for home. "I was walking down the street," Mc Carthy says, "and I looked up."The Playboy building.s third season are being taped, the room is seething, boiling with kids. " A group duly rises – among them a Teva-sandaled surfer dude, a recently goateed Hootie fan and a sullen cool guy with an interesting sunglasses-on-baseball-cap ensemble."OK! Only about half of the winners actually go on dates.She mugs for the camera in a way not seen since Uncle Miltie. She's superapproachable, creating the illusion that she Yes, she may be a babe, but she can also hoist a coupla Red Dogs with the fellas. A recent Internet tally reveals that Mc Carthy is No. "I came here because of the positive energy, everybody laughing and, well, Jenny.""On this show, the big question is, ' You havin' sex with Jenny? "Turn-ons: guys on Harleys, daredevils, men who aren't afraid to cry or show their emotion Turnoffs: bullies, steroid monsters, guys who give you their business cards and say, "Call me, babe, I can make you a star."Mc Carthy steeled herself for the reaction to her new career. "She was scared to death," says her mother, Linda Mc Carthy, a vivacious woman with a frequent laugh.Jenny Mc Carthy is poised to take her place in the thin blond line of teen fantasy objects that stretches back at least as far as Jean Harlow. 2 on a list of the people whom users want information about. ' " says Hardwick, who in all probability is having sex with his girlfriend, Jacinda, from the London cast of "That or, ' You havin' sex with contestants? "She wrote us each beautiful letters saying how happy she was with her childhood. She's got this big ol' heart." Nonetheless, the news took some adjusting to. There was a huge protest in the city." Anonymous callers informed Mc Carthy that she would burn in hell. She wears a giant blue sweatshirt emblazoned with the Pepsi logo – standard TV-celebrity graft – as well as black leggings, white sneakers and sunglasses, which are perched jauntily on her head.Mc Carthy, bearing the cross of being pretty and blue collar, was immediately shunned.

Her parents had other plans: Mother Mc Auley Liberal Arts High School, a moneyed, ultraconservative Catholic girls school across town.

I've given you my heart, and you've given me... Soon she'll kick off the show in the middle of the Pit, surrounded by the aforementioned 50 guys. That has happened so many times."Mc Carthy, who has a fear of public speaking, remembers her first time in the Pit: "I was scared, and because I was so polite, they were abusing me. I said, ' Listen, move your ass before I kick it.' Then they respected me and didn't abuse me anymore – like push me or make fun of me." Once, however, Mc Carthy was closed in on and felt up by many hands: "I was saying, ' Security! ' into the microphone." She says the recent gay version of was very... "It was so nice not to feel that pressure," she says.

coal.' "Free at last, Mc Carthy headed for Southern Illinois University. "Usually they're crowded around me and pressing up against me," she says, "and it's so hot. "The guys all wanted to be reincarnated into me." She pauses.

"To show you how prestigious my school was," Mc Carthy says, "when the city found out I was in every 10 minutes there were special news reports. They would interview the young girls coming out of Mc Auley, and they'd say, ' She's a slut.' I have aunts and uncles that are priests and nuns that I don't talk to anymore because of it."A furious Mc Carthy went on the air: "I said, ' The Catholic religion says never cast stones.' I'm like, ' All of you people, why don't you look in the mirror and judge yourself? "I'm totally addicted to angels," Mc Carthy says, picking up a glass one. This guy with a Long Island accent comes over and says, ' Yo, why do you got a straw in your beeah? Today, away from the cameras, Mc Carthy is calm – serene, even: "People don't see this side of me.

They don't know I read, like, 800 million spiritual books.

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As she puts it, "I'm not trying to be a supermodel up there. Basically the kids come to gaze at Mc Carthy, glom freebies and schmooze. ' As if she's a shipment of crank or something." eyed Mc Carthy. "No one has come up to the office before.""I talked to her for 15 minutes," Mc Carthy says, "and she said, ' Why don't you take a Polaroid?