Dating divorce practice

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There are many factors a judge will look at when deciding which parent should have most of the parenting time, and one of them is the outside influences each parent will bring to the children.What does violating your marriage vow tell the judge about the morals you are teaching the children?After that, the dating scene can seem like a completely new and unfamiliar world.

Also, inter-familial relationships develop that may or may not last after the divorce.Once you’ve fallen in the eyes of the judge, it will be very difficult to get back up.The judge will pay attention to your ability to keep your promises, be honest with your spouse, follow agreements you’ve made with your spouse, and follow orders of the court.Everything you do and say in court, and out of court, will affect how the judge chooses to use his discretion, and much of divorce law allows the judge a lot of room to use his judgment when dividing the assets or setting alimony.Depending on the facts of your divorce, your credibility may be as thin as a tightrope, and a revelation that you’ve been dating may be enough to knock you off.

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She may be required to testify in the divorce trial. Use this as motivation to come to an agreement so your divorce can be resolved quicker.

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