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Got a Good Thing you’re excited about that you want them to talk about on the show? The mid-2000s were a challenging time for all of us, particularly those who were enrolled in reality television programs like Dating in the Dark.

This is a show in which strangers are trapped together in a cave, and then tasked with smooching their way out.

AS I FUMBLED my way through the pitch black room my senses were on high alert.

My eyes couldn’t penetrate the darkness and my ears failed to detect anything other than my quickened heartbeat.

You think you’re going to fall or walk into walls, so it requires instant, intense trust. The servers coach you on where your hands will meet theirs when they have something for you. It was fun and entertaining, but not necessarily a turn on.

“Dating like this strips down the whole process to simple communication.

You have to rely on what a person sounds like to decide if you like them or not which allows you to relax because you aren’t judging them or being judged on your looks.” When I think back to dates in my past, including one where I cut it short after half an hour because I didn’t like the man’s shoes, I realise this experience might be good for me so when I was offered the chance to try the show out for real I went for it.

Then it’s up to you to maneuver utensils, the breadbasket, etc. You grab a piece of bread and your fingers end up in the butter. Or you can try to bring your fork to your mouth, but you may often find that there’s nothing on it.

You think the mystery amuse bouche has goat cheese in it and your date tastes hummus. You’ll probably wonder what you look like handling things like steak (it’s pre-cut) and mashed potatoes, but it doesn’t matter.

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Or you have that great single friend with a phobia of online dating?