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Genesis relates that: As for Zillah, she too gave birth to Tubal-cain, the forger of every sort of tool of copper and iron.And the sister of Tubal-cain was Naamah (Genesis 4).He was seen, but the God is Jehovah, who cannot be seen (if you are a Trinitarian do not worry at this stage, you can still believe that 'the God', whoever he is, is different from the angels who are merely 'gods').Jesus is a God in the sense that all angels are Gods, this being the sense of John 10 below and Psalm 82: The Jews answered him: We are stoning you, not for a fine work, but for blasphemy, even because you, although being a man, make yourself a god.So keeping this fine distinction in mind, we propose that just as 'the God' is a different being from all of the other gods with the generic title of 'god', so 'the man', who was Adam, was a different being from all of the other Homo sapiens around at the time of the creation of Adam who have the generic title of 'man', and are basically mankind.

Namely, 'man' is generic, made by a plurality of Gods, and made in the image of a plurality of Gods, 'our image', whereas Adam, is unique, made by God himself and made in the image of the one and only God, Jehovah.

This scripture, in the literal meaning, applies to the physical Jews and the Gentiles.

But the principle that the error of a chosen race leads to salvation for the rest of us applies also to Adam and his sons, as we shall see. It is presumed that the changes were for evolutionary advantage. It is not known why Neanderthals died out 30,000 years ago.

In the past the Archaeologist's view of man's ancient history over millions of years and the account of it in Genesis, spanning a time scale of either 7 'days' or of 77 generations from Adam to Jesus, have been viewed as conflicting, as contradictory and as mutually exclusive.

We (the Lords' Witnesses) had previously taken the view that all 'History' before the flood was rubbish, in order to justify our acceptance of the Genesis account.

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Crudely speaking, this chap was around at the right time to be the father of hot forging of metals.

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