Intimidating wikipedia intimidating wikipedia

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Intimidating wikipedia

I, personally, have to thank Wiki for most of my passing grades in school, general knowledge and fun reading times. There comes a time, though, after years of helping other people, Wiki needs us, the users, to donate for it.Now, when I just thought about writing this post, I was triggered by the design of Wiki’s alert for donation.

I was taught that when designing a page with written content, you shouldn’t write more than 100 characters in a row. I know, it’s not that much above 100, but I do feel overwhelmed by it. Only after reading 3 rows, I read the asking for a donation. When I started writing this post, I was really confused.

They even used a couple of really good marketing techniques like talking to our emotions and also explaining the price they ask for is equivalent to the price of a cup of coffee(10 NIS is less than 3$). I owe so much of my knowledge to Wikipedia, but I can’t say I didn’t cringe at the sight of this message. Having said that, looking into it and trying to understand why did the designer of this message design it the way it looks, made me understand maybe I’m missing something. I owe Wiki so much more than these 30 NIS (about 10$) I donated.

I still find this text a bit too long to be persuasive. Wikipedia users, (or Wikipedians) are people who spend a lot of their time reading and writing articles, spending time on the little details and really care about each character written. I can’t help but think of a better solution to this message, though.

A neglected cost of the Trump-Clinton-Sanders show, however, is the diversion of attention from the Obama administration’s cutting-edge assault on limited, constitutional government.

The administration has methodically deceived the public about its signature domestic and foreign policy objectives.

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This is not a nice color matching and really made me feel uncomfortable.