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It’s main advantage being that it’s absolutely free to use.POF differs from some other well-known dating sites in that it allows prospective users to search for matches before setting up an account (essentially letting them ‘check out the talent’).We would do mix of online dating and in-person events.“Now, there are a lot of mixed emotions people might have about the online thing, but certainly there’s no substitute for face-to-face contact and that emotional connection.takes a look at the options — and the costs involved…Online, the old reliable Plenty of Fish remains ever-popular in the Irish dating world.While unable to put an exact figure on the success rate, Redmond said he’d had three wedding invitations in the last year from couples who had met at At the upper end of the market, introduction companies like Two’s Company offer “professional and confidential” matchmaking services for clients ranging in age from their late 20s to mid 70s.

The tactic has paid off over the years — the site has a huge number of Irish users (a random search for 29-year-old women within ten miles of Wexford throws up 152 accounts, for instance — not entirely scientific, but it certainly indicates the popularity of the service).

Of course, there are a whole array of dating sites out there, and many daters choose to opt for a pay site as a means of weeding out the time-wasters and window-shoppers.

For instance, a six-month subscription for will set you back €12.90 per month — while a comparable membership with Elite Singles (which aims itself at graduates and professionals) costs €19.95 per month.

people who are single look to start afresh after a month of socialising and family get-togethers in December (who has time to find a soul-mate when there’s office Kris Kringle presents to buy?

) Come January, ads for the some of the biggest global dating service brands gradually replace those Guinness ‘White Christmas’ TV spots, while the same companies bombard news outlets with press releases aimed at steering casual daters onto the internet.

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Pretty much the digital equivalent of ‘hot or not’ — the app finds people nearby who are also on Tinder, and connects them only if both parties swipe the screen to indicate they’re into the other.

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