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“He kept saying, ‘The understudy is fantastic’ — which is probably not the thing to say to a lot of ladies in tracksuits who have every one of Josh Groban’s albums,” another source says. ” (Groban missed a few performances earlier in the run.) “I thought they were going to come to blows,” the source adds.

A group of women said they had come to see “The Josh Groban Show.” Kagan told them the show was called “Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812.” “He might as well have been speaking Russian to them,” the source says. A woman who overheard the exchange threw in her two cents: “I’ve been sick, too, and I turned up for work!

Things got testy when a male theatergoer demanded to know how many performances Groban had missed. ” Another woman, fighting back tears, told Kagan, “I’ve been traveling since 5 a.m. ” It’s not unusual for stars to miss a few performances, especially during the cold-and-flu season.

Groban, 33, who performed at the benefit, and, Dennings, 28, were photographed getting cozy on the red carpet, and the fondness spilled over onto their social media accounts."I ship it," the "Thor: The Dark World" actress wrote on her Instagram, captioning a snapshot of the two of them embracing on the red carpet and approving of their relationship.

Should Glenn Close miss a performance of “Sunset Boulevard,” I doubt Andrew Lloyd Webber will be in the Palace Theatre lobby urging people to stick around for her understudy.

Kagan, a former hedge fund manager, tells me it’s “customer service”: “I know how I’d feel if I had driven in from Pennsylvania to see Josh Groban and he wasn’t in the show.

He was out Tuesday, as well, but is expected to return Wednesday night. “Chaos, unhappiness and rivers of tears” is how one theatergoer described the scene at the Imperial on Saturday.

In the middle of the pandemonium was the show’s lead producer, Howard Kagan, begging Groban’s fans to stay and see his standby, Scott Stangland, as Pierre.

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with the song "For Always," which he performed with Lara Fabian.