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The Waco RDSPD uses a bilingual/multicultural model with opportunities to receive core instruction in American Sign Language and English utilizing technology, support from educational institutions, and the Deaf community.

For most students participating in a “total communication” environment, instruction during the English Language Arts block supports English language structure in order to facilitate literacy skills.

Referrals may be made in writing or by telephone to the Waco RDSPD office or any special education department of one of the member school districts.

The following documentation must be submitted for consideration of the eligibility of auditory impairment (assessments must have been completed within the past three years): Any student from birth to 21 (inclusive) whose parent(s) or legal guardian(s) live within the boundaries of one of the member districts could be eligible for membership in the RDSPD.

Students (3-21 years) who attend schools within their home school districts receive direct instruction or consultative services from a teacher of the deaf as recommended by the ARD committee.

TEC §29.302 states that educational programs recognize the unique nature of deaf and hard-of-hearing students and ensure that all students who are deaf or hard of hearing have appropriate, ongoing, and fully accessible educational opportunities.

The goal of the Waco RDSPD is designed to enable each student who is deaf or hard-of-hearing to: The Waco Regional Day School Program for the Deaf utilizes a Total Communication philosophy of communication which by definition (ERIC Digest #559) may involve one or several modes of communication including spoken, written and/or signed language.

The elementary program focuses on the expansion of academic skills along with continued development of auditory, communication, language, speech, and cognitive skills.

This program is based in a stimulating and language rich environment.

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Regional Day School Programs for the Deaf (RDSPD) in Texas were instituted by the Texas Education Agency to provide quality services to all students in Texas who are deaf or hard of hearing.