Male and female frustrations with dating

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No matter what fantasies you have, I am convinced that there is at least one that you consider as too embarrassing to reveal and to dangerous to live out.

In case you have already promised yourself that you will never live out your deepest desires, I have to tell you the truth about your situation.

I think we all know what terrible consequences it can have if you try to suppress your sexuality for your whole life…

Don’t settle for a life of sexual frustration, just because you are afraid that somebody will judge you for your fantasies.

This allows you to analyze and eradicate the problem.

Mine is 25 cm and I know from my experience with women that every guy whose dick is under 25 cm is a complete loser in bed who will never be able to satisfy a woman.

No matter what issues you have, unless you overcome your sexual guilt you will never be able to live a fulfilled life, nor to fulfill the life of a woman.

To be honest, I wouldn’t have overcome my sexual guilt without Hypnotica’s powerful hypnosis. Tell me all the kinky stuff that is in your brain that you wouldn’t even tell your best friend.

You are terrified that people will judge you when you say that you are attracted to younger women, even though this is true for nearly EVERY man.

Knowing how to use your dick is way more important than having a bigger dick than a rhinoceros.

Unfortunately, a lot of men have severe complexes when it comes to the shape and the size of their penis.

They do this because they subconsciously hope that a higher stress level at work leads to a higher chance to get a trophy wife.

Yep, social conditioning did a great job in making you believe that being the head of your department makes women wet.

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