One on onesexy chat

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One on onesexy chat

E.g."This chap came up to me and told me to shut my mouth." 2. Usually associated with the speech of the upper classes. Usually more associated with poorer, urban environments.

Usually of women, fat ankles that lack definition and seem to merge with the calves of the leg.

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A good example being the 1970s 'gay' icons, The Village People.

A distinct type of 'gay' image, being stereotypically masculine and epitomized by short hair, bristle moustaches, jeans or leathers. To commune with someone sexually desirable, occasionally in so much as having sex. - a facetious remark said immediately prior to an aggressive act.

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Popular from early 2000s] * For a more indepth view and etymology see Chav Adj. E.g."He was wearing a Burberry baseball cap, Rockport boots, tracksuit bottoms and a fat gold chain draped around his neck - it was the most chavtastic sight to behold this year." Noun.

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