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Susan sarandon dating

When I read the comments under the video on People Magazine’s website, I was amazed how negative many people were.

When an older man dates a woman half his age, people may roll their eyes and chuckle, but, they don’t typically call him “sad and pathetic” or “disgusting.” Perhaps not surprisingly, the strongest criticism came from other women. ” Please watch the video and then join the conversation at the end of the article.

Bricklin, 38, plans on flying to Los Angeles in a few weeks to work on business ventures, we’re told.

He and Sarandon, 68, were reunited this summer and were spotted at a gallery opening in June, where the Oscar winner was overheard calling him her “boyfriend.” The two also were seen arm in arm in So Ho, laughing and smiling.

You should be dating someone fabulous.” Susan replies simply, “I am.” From her comments, it’s clear that Susan genuinely cares about Jonathan.

Sarandon also famously dated Tim Robbins for 23 years before they split in 2009.

Or, do you think that there are certain things that we should or should not do as we get a little older?

Also, do you think that there is a double standard when it comes to older men dating younger women vs.

She also discussed with him investing in his indoor surf club.” Sarandon, meanwhile, is headed to Burning Man in Black Rock Desert in the northern Nevada desert.

She has been dating a much younger guy who is a boxer.

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They have been in frequent contact by phone and email since the split, with a source telling us, “They never really stopped talking.” We hear that even after their breakup last March after five years together, the duo continued to hook up on the sly.