Table not updating with form updating iphone on different computer

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I think that designing an expanded layout which can take advantage of the horizontal space on screen would be great.But back to my original idea, which is a form view that is editable.So yes, the expanded view might work in this case, but I think that the layout still isn't quite as efficient as it could be.Take a look at this case: The expanded view sits i the middle of the screen and makes me scroll down the list of fields which are nicely presented, but are padded so much that it's not presented efficiently.If I could provide users with a form for enrolling students that would be a huge help. each session has associated data that is editable by administrators (like Room Assignment, Skill Level, etc) and data editable by Session Planners.

Here's an example of how their layout controls work: You have a basic two column form, but you can expand or contract the fields horizontally, which is useful.

That's the idea - not sure it makes sense but I'm happy to try to explain in more detail!

The way I used to use this in Filemaker was to be able to stay in the form view and "flip" through the records in a fully expanded form layout.

I currently have a linked database of all the neighborhoods, and we have a list with most of the theater companies.

What I would like to do is let theater artists to be able to let us know what company they work with and what neighborhood it's in.

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You can move them around and resize them on the page.